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Outeiro da Vinha.jpg
MGB House

Rehabilitation and Expansion of a traditional house in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park

Outeiro da Vinha, Alvoco da Serra, Seia

189 m2




ARCHITECTS: Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro


The intervention had as a premise a reduced budget and as objective to carry out a sustainable rehabilitation, creating living conditions, adapting to the new needs of the family.

It was intended to respond to the most extreme weather conditions of the Serra with snow and hail, building a gable roof with an expressive slope, balanced in relation to the facades.

Functionally, the partition walls were removed from the interior of the house, and the spaces were reorganized in order to maximize natural lighting and ventilation, now properly thermally and acoustically insulated.


Photographer: RBD.

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