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The Power of the Idea


RBD.APP – Arquitectos, Lda. is an architecture studio established in Lisbon, founded in 1983 by Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro.


Our aim is to guarantee an ethical commitment to architecture (at all scales of intervention from design to urbanism), heritage and sustainability.

The intervention strategy is developed with rigor, with architectural programs and adequate materials that reflect the spirit of the place and time, so that the projects successfully mark a sustainable future (social, economic, environmental and cultural).

RBD.APP was a Consultant at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA (2007-2010), won several Architecture Awards in Competitions and the Municipal Jorge Colaço Azulejaria 2000 Award, from CML, with his intervention in the Faculty of Law Project from ULisboa, in co-authorship with Andreas Stöcklein. Has published architectural projects and works and participated in Exhibitions.

As reference works we can mention the ISA Library, Extension and Rehabilitation of the UL Faculty of Law, Museum of the Presidency of the Republic, Casa Rebelo, Solar da Palmeira, Praça 1º de Maio in Viana do Castelo. The expansion of the UL Faculty of Law Library and the Rehabilitation of the Cathedral of Portalegre, Cloister and Annex Spaces are currently under construction.

RBD also has the Rehabilitation of the Tower of Belém and the creation of the Espelho de Água (1982).

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Figueira da Foz, 1948.

Retired Full Professor of Architecture and Urbanism at FA-ULisboa (2013) and Researcher at CIAUD (2005-...).

Architect (1973), Post-Graduate in Conservation and Recovery of Buildings and Monuments (1984), PhD in Architecture (1993) Approved with Distinction and Praise under the title “The Architecture of the Ephemeral” and Complementary Doctoral Test on the theme " As Grandes Exposições” and Agregação (2006). He is an illustrator, essayist and editor.

He was Director of the Monthly Magazine “Arquitetura e Vida” (2002-2005), President of APCor (2011-2013), of which he has been a Member since 2008 and Member of the ECD - Environmental Color Design Group (2020-...).

Rui Duarte has 18 books and scientific articles published in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, USA, including an awarded Essay at the University of Caracas, Venezuela.



Caldas de Vizela, 1959.


Architect (1982) with a PhD in Architecture, Specialty in Conservation and Rehabilitation, under the title “Architectural Rehabilitation, Sustainability and Design”, FA-ULisboa (2017).

Industrial Design Course by BRUNO MUNARI (1977), Postgraduate in "Conservation and Recovery of Buildings and Monuments" (1986), Training Course in "Project Management and Control (Project Management)" (2000), Course of Vocational Training on “Planning to Implement and Certify Sustainability in Construction (LiderA) (2017).

Scholarship from FCT (2012-2015) and Researcher at CIAUD (2018-...).

Vice-President of APCor - Portuguese Color Association (2019-2020) and Member of the ECD - Environmental Color Design Group (2018-...).

As scientific dissemination it has 5 books, 6 book chapters and communications in international conferences and seminars with articles published in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey and USA.

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