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IGPF House

Estrada Pinheira (Grila), Marruas, Torres Novas

346 m2




ARCHITECTS: Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro


The implantation takes advantage of the topographic characteristics of the land and the views over the mountains, safeguarding the agricultural and ecological protection areas.

The house is arranged longitudinally on an uneven floor, having on the upper level, in the area adjacent to the entrance, a small lobby - also accessible from the garage -, a kitchen, dining room and a living room with fireplace area and a fully glazed space related to the outside. These areas articulate with the area of the bedrooms, which develop on a lower level through a corridor whose top, completely dematerialized, allows the landscape to enter the house visually, releasing the sheet that silences its western elevation. The Living Room and Kitchen are connected to the outside through an elevated space where there is a Barbecue that defines an informal and convivial dining area. The room, with double ceiling height, centrally articulates spaces and environments, taking advantage of the different visual angles of the building's relationship with the landscape.

The modeling of the land characterizes and defines platforms that enhance the experience of the home to the outside, leaving the rest of the land in its natural expression. It was on one of those platforms with bushes that the solar panels were placed, close to the technical area and the garage, but so as not to be seen from the street.

Photographer: RBD

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