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ALG house

Belas Country Club, Lot 30

Rua do Lago de Prata, 75, Belas, Sintra

528.40 m2

PROJECT: 2006/2010

ARCHITECTS: Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro


Fulfilling the urban development criteria, the house has large smooth surfaces in the entrance area, exploiting the qualities of dematerialization given by the textured laminated glass that covers practically the entire Northwestern façade of Floor 1. The side elevations, predominantly coated with shale, create expressive silences that attend to the thermal, environmental and maintenance aspects. Outside, the water slide adjacent to the entrance works with the pool as temperature stabilizers. The gable roofs take advantage of plastic from the game of volumes, enhancing the use of solar energy through photovoltaic cells placed on the glass surface with a Southwest orientation. The house, in this orientation, has large glass surfaces of variable geometries, creating shading zones or hanging over the landscape. The spaces are diversified, combining with the exterior arrangements, with daylight and night lighting, enhancing environmental and plastic qualities, and creating a light and imponderable presence.

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