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Solar da Palmeira

Rehabilitation and Expansion of the Quinta da Palmeira Solar

Viatodos, Barcelos

1,292 m2




ARCHITECTS: Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro


The renovation of Solar da Palmeira completed in 2006 was guided by the safeguarding of the architectural heritage value, with all the significant elements of the building having been maintained.

The containment in the design in the articulation of the new with the old, highlights the legibility of the architecture. Thus, the integration of a new volume for rooms, garage and a fluid glazed area that defines the entrance area is explained.

The reorganization of spaces responds to a new experience, with a covered swimming pool having been built that works as a polarizing area of the house's life, connecting the various living areas.

This new area acquired a fundamental role in decompressing the inner areas of the room, deepened by the creation of a tile panel based on the theme of Greek mythology “Narcissus”, suggested by the owner of the house and authored by Andreas Stöcklein.

Photographer: APP

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