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Architecture in Extreme Contexts

The issues addressed in this book concern everyone, affect everyone's daily life and interfere with the collective future of humanity.

We are referring to environmental problems that need quick and qualified answers in all domains: in architecture and constructions, in all sectors of production, consumption, institutional decisions and local and global policies.

In this era of radicalism and serious social problems, the effects of the spectacular images of architecture that induce the collective imagination towards a liberating future are privileged.

It is necessary to redefine the systems that constitute the real, be very careful with what you want, look at ethics in the field of sustainability and encourage in the market companies that bet on the future, that contribute with material solutions with vision and strategy, as we are here the abyss.

​ Book by Rui Barreiros Duarte and Ana Paula Pinheiro, pp.1-190, November 2020.
With the SUPPORT of CS Coelho da Silva, SA.
1 book 15€
2 books 25€
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0000 5614252 41
MB WAY 918612708

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